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BioTek imaging products are designed for a wide range of applications. BioTek customers are using the Lionheart Automated Microscopes, and Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers for their own unique research and in the process acquire beautiful, publication quality images and movies. Take a look at images captured with BioTek instruments.


Franziska Schlenker

Human pluripotent stem cell-derived sympathetic neurons. Image was taken at 10x, and stained for peripherin (green), tyrosine hydroxylase (red) and DAPI (blue). Image captured with Lionheart FX. Summited for the 2021 Imaging contest by Hsueh Fu Wu, University of Georgia

Human gastric epithelium stained with an AlexaFluor 488-conjugated anti-cytokeratin antibody (clone AE1/AE3) from eBioscience and nuclei co-staining using DAPI. The image was taken at a 20x magnification. Submitted for the 2021 Imaging contest by Karina Cereceda of Fundación Arturo López Pérez. Image captured with Cytation 5.

Alia Mallah, University of Texas at San Antonio

Cristina Andreani, University of Cincinnati

Neuroblastoma cancer cells (in green) being targeted and killed by primary human natural killer cell (in red) following treatment with a pro-immunomodulatory agent.  Live cell imaging was performed using a Cytation 5 at 10x using two channel fluorescence and brightfield imaging.

Cortical neuron differentiated from human pluripotent stem cell stained with Tuj1 (yellow), O-GlcNAcylation (red), mitochondria (green), and DAPI. Image was taken at a 10x magnification with automatic image processing.

A 96-well fibrin/mesothelial cell assay with nuclear stain (Hoechst) and fibrin stain (647); moreover, images were taken at 4X. Image captured with: Cytation 5

Immunolocalization of KCC4 (red) and H-ATPase (green) in kidney sections of mice. We can observe the cellular conformation of renal tubules and cell nuclei are stained with DAPI (Blue). Image was taken at a 20x magnification. Image captured with: Cytation 1

Organotypic Peritoneal Tissue Model, Manual Mode, 10x, DAPI, Calretinin Alexa-Fluor 488, Vimentin Alexa-Fluor 594, Cell Tracker Deep Red, High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer cells adhering to and disrupting a confluent mesothelial monolayer.  Image captured with: Cytation 3

Fireball of astrocytes- Rat astrocytes labeled with glial fibrillary acidic protein. 
Image captured with 20X objective as Z stack and projected by maximum fluorescence intensity.

 Phase Separated Fluorescein Tagged Hypophosphorylated SRSF1, 60x, GFP/brightfield overlay. Image captured with: Cytation 5 by Talia Fargason, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Neural crest "ridges" derived from iPS at 4x. Green: SOX10, Red: AP2a. Blue: DAPI.

Neural crest cells and sensory neurons differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells stained fro SOX10 (green), TUJ1 (red), DAPI (blue). Image was taken using a Lionheart FX (manual mode) at a 4X magnification.

Vascularized cardiovascular organoids. Imaged with 4x objective with 8x10 stitching, three channels: GFP, RFP, and DAPI.

Neural crest cells and sensory neurons differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells stained for SOX10 (magenta), TUJ1 (green), and DAPI (blue). Image was taken using a Lionheart FX (manual mode) at a 4X magnification.

Listeria infection Raw 264.7(fixed slide sample), and different phases of cell cycle can be found in this picture

Marcus Griffiths CML277 seminal

Angiogenic sprouts in Mimetas OrganoPlate, Cytation 5, 4X, fluorescent imaging (DAPI/RFP) with z-stacking every 25 um

Fatty acid infiltrates in skeletal muscle

Human iPSC-derived neuronal clusters stained with MAP2 (Alexa Fluor 555, magenta) and neurofilament (Alexa Fluor 647, red) (10X objective).

Rat spinal cord astrocytes transduced with mitochondria RFP (in red) and lysosome GFP (red). Images were acquired using 60X objective. Image shows Z stack projection of maximum fluorescence intensity.

Cultured motor neurons from rat spinal cord grown for 2 weeks invitro labeled with the axonal marker neurofilament by immunocytochemistry.

Cytokeratin 7 (Alexa Fluor®594), and Somatostatin (Alexa Fluor® 488), with DAPI stained nuclei, of porcine islet, imaging at 20x.

Simpson Golabi Behmel Syndrome (SGBS) adipocyte cells stained with BODIPY and Hoechst 33342.

12 month old rat spinal cord labeled for astrocyte inflammatory marker glial fibrillary acidic protein (in red).

Elison Blancaflor pecancolor-1

Ibrahim Halil Demirsoy Stem cell- derived neural cells


Rabbit lung, 20x

Planarian intestine, 4x, GFP TxRed and DAPI Montage

Mouse e7.5 implantation site imaged at 10x


Hound healing assay

MAP2 (red) and GFAP (green) staining on mesenchymal stem cells in vitro neural differentiation induced; magnification 40X.


Mouse e7.5 implantation site imaged at 10x

Microalgae Botryococcus braunii




3D spheroid

Zebrafish at 4x

stained active mitochrondria

Mesenchymal/epithelial spheroid assay

Neural crest-derived stem cells in a fluorescent labeled heart tissue section




death pathway assay

Fetal mouse blood

Breast Cancer Cells

F-actin and G-actin co-localization in rat middle cerebral artery.

Brain hemisection

NeurospheresPtK2 cells

hepatocyte spheroid

Hep G2 cells

Neural stem Cell from Mice

Large Network of Cortical Neurons.

Ca-CHA biomaterial scaffolds

Calcium sulfate crystals

Z-projection of bacteria


Human iPSC-derived neural progenitor cells undergoing differentiation into neurons


1.25x zoom, brightfield and phase contrast, Bacillus polymyxa biofilm.





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