BioSpa 8: The Story

We understand that running long-term cell-based assays requires careful planning and long hours. We also understand the frustration and expense of assay failures. See how BioSpa 8 automates incubated assay workflows and gives you the cell-confidence to walk away.


Hey, haven’t seen you here on a Saturday night in a long time!

I’ve been working on these cell-based assays…they are miserable; they take weeks to run and have been taking a lot of weekend time for me.

I don’t understand, don’t you do that during the week?

Yeah, you would hope so, but these are pretty long term experiments, and experiment is really Monday to Friday and in the order to get cells ready for the experiment I got to start them Friday night, add some reagents on Saturday, Saturday night, Sunday sometimes. And then you start your experiment on Monday. I’ve been basically working night and day through the weekend and then working all week long on cells.

Every once in a while you get half way through the prep work on the weekend, drop your plate, have to start all over.

That’s got to set you back days.

Sometimes even weeks.  I am frustrated and eventually I had to go to our engineering guys and explain my situation; tell them how long these experiments are running, and they came up with the solution for me. It’s called the BioSpa!

What does that do?

Everything, really! It’s fully automated robot. It controls timing, temperature, gas control. It’s got a robot crane that will take the plate out of the incubator, takes the lid off, puts it on reagent dispenser, like the MultiFlo. The MultiFlo adds my reagents for me, puts it back into the incubator. On Saturday night and on Sunday, when I am not there. At the end, it will take the plate of and put it on the imager. Even gives me a message on my phone to tell me it is complete so I don’t have to worry about. Not only that, it fits in a hood so I don’t have to worry about sterility. All I really have to do is start the experiment and get the data at the end. I don’t have to be there anymore. I have more free time.

So, you don’t have to be in the office and robot is doing your job for you?

No... it is amazing automated system.

Well, congratulations on getting your free time back!

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