Cytation 5 Imaging Reader

Cytation™ 5 is a modular, upgradable multi-mode reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection. Cytation 5 includes both filter- and monochromator-based detection; the microscopy module provides up to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast. Incubation to 65 °C, shaking and Gen5 software are standard.


Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful technique for visualizing cellular responses in cell biology research. Multi-mode microplate detection is a common method for rapid quantification of cellular activities in microplates. Typically, these two techniques are performed in separate instrumentation and require independent analysis. However, many cell-based assay workflows would benefit from the ability to automatically acquire quantitative data and rich phenotypic cellular information in parallel.

Digital fluorescence microscopy and quantitative data meet in the Cytation cell imaging multi-mode reader from BioTek. This new generation system combines high-quality, high-definition automated microscopy and traditional multi-mode detection in a modular, upgradeable instrument.

Cytation is ideal for research and assay development applications in cell biology, offering fluorescence, brightfield, H&E and phase contrast imaging. Up to 60x magnification covers a wide range of cell imaging applications, from cell counting and cell migration assays to detailed analysis of intracellular activity. Powerful imaging methods, like single and multi-color, montage, time lapse and z-stacking are available with Cytation, along with z-projection, digital phase contrast and

Easy operation is critical to streamlining workflows, and Gen5 software features autofocus, user-trained autofocus, auto-LED and autoexposure for ultimate ease in image capture. An available joystick controller allows the researcher to move around the microscopy slide or microplate well in X, Y and Z positions for precise positioning. Unlike complex image analysis software interfaces, Gen5’s interface is specifically designed for users at all levels, and requires minimal training. Image acquisition, processing and analysis has never been easier.

With a special emphasis on live-cell assays, Cytation features incubation to 65 °C, CO2/O2 gas control, shaking and full support for time lapse studies. Equipped with BioTek’s patented Hybrid Technology, Cytation offers filter-based optics along with variable bandwidth monochromator optics for a truly unmatched level of flexibility. Fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, time resolved fluorescence, luminescence, Alpha assays and absorbance read modes are available with Cytation’s multi-mode modules.

Quantitative data, qualitative data; read it, see it: Cytation brings it all together. Add a new dimension to your cellular research with the new Cytation cell imaging multi-mode reader.