The Switch to MultiFlo FX

See how switching to the MultiFlo FX dispenser from BioTek can streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.


When you think about what’s important to researchers, especially these days, being efficient, saving money and being able to do more with a single process or system is what always tops the list. Every day, I’m asked to do more… I have to get better results and I have to get better results faster.

So I took a look at my workflow to find areas where I can streamline or work more efficiently and just get a better throughput overall. That’s why I switched to the MultiFlo FX from BioTek.

We’ve been using the same old dispenser in our lab for a looong time, but when we demo’d the MultiFlo FX, it was clear that BioTek had really raised the bar.

Now we’re running more assays. We’re running them faster. We’ve got four reagents being dispensed in parallel. What’s great is each is independent, so there’s no chance of carryover like before. And we’re also using a lot less reagent because of it. One MultiFlo FX in the lab takes the place of four dispensers! We’re saving benchspace and money.

And the fact that we can wash and dispense in everything from six to three-eighty-four well plates, in this one device, is amazing. The angled dispense tubes give us much better results with our cell based assays, and there’s a single channel dispense option called RAD that will be great for dispensing very small volumes, saving us even more money.

MultiFlo FX is modular and scaleable, so it can grow and evolve as we do…It will be simple to integrate into an automated system, if we start to really ramp-up our throughput.

The touch screen is incredible. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to program and use. It’s pretty powerful when you see what you can do with that interface.

We had some skeptics in the lab who were a little hesitant to switch from the instruments they’ve been using, but now they’ve really seen a difference.

We have to continue getting better and faster and for us, it was time for a change and quite frankly, an upgrade. Switching to BioTek’s MultiFlo FX just made sense and in my opinion is one of the best things we’ve done.