New Peltier Cooling Module Optimizes Conditions for Temperature Sensitive Assays

October 16, 2018

BioTek has released a Peltier Cooling Module for the Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers. The compact module keeps internal temperature rise to less than one degree over ambient, regardless of fluctuations from external and internal factors. The module helps maintain and optimize stability for more consistent data in assays run at ambient temperature. The module also quickly reduces internal temperature after incubated assays for efficient transitions between multiple applications with different temperature requirements.

The Peltier Cooling Module, along with a number of enhanced modular features, may be added to the Cytation family at any time as research requirements evolve. Cytation offers automated digital imaging and patented Hybrid Technology™ optics, along with powerful Gen5™ software. The highly flexible system suits a wide range of cell-based and biochemical assays.

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