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product design

Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader

Synergy™H1是多功能微量盤檢測儀。您可以選擇全波長的模組,或濾鏡式的模組,或是兩種模組兼具。BioTek的專利 Hybrid Technology™在模組化平台中提供高性能和多種應用,以符合實驗室的各種需求。微量盤上方和下方皆可偵測螢光、吸收光和冷光。可滿足許多研究需求。


With quadruple monochromators and optional gas control and reagent injection, Synergy H1 can be used for a wide range of applications in fluorescence, luminescence, UV-Vis and more.
H1 yeast
Effect of increasing levels of ethanol on yeast growth
HTRF® ratios for AMD3011 and SDF1-alpha
Micro-volume (2 µL) quantification of up to 48 samples with Take3 Plate

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Synergy H1. Visit our Applications page to see more.