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Epoch 2 微量盤分光光度計

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The BioTek Epoch 2 microplate spectrophotometer delivers excellent performance for UV-Vis absorbance measurements. Measurements can be performed in 6- to 384-well microplates, cuvettes, and in microvolume samples with the available Take3 microvolume plate. The broad wavelength range enables applications from nucleic acid and protein quantification in the low UV to microbial growth assays higher wavelengths. Epoch 2 is easy to use and the optional touch screen interface makes it simple to choose predefined protocols or to define custom programs. Endpoint, kinetic, spectral scanning and well area scanning modes, plus incubation and shaking enable wide-ranging applications.


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Incubation to 65 °C, plus shaking and UV-Vis absorbance range in Epoch 2 make it appropriate for many colorimetric and nucleic acid and protein quantification applications.
Glucose production from cellulosic feedstock
nucleic acid
Nucleic acid quantification in cuvette with Epoch 2
Micro-volume (2 µL) quantification of up to 48 samples with Take3 Plate

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Epoch 2. Visit our Applications page to see more.

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Automate Your Workflows

Expand your workflow automation by integrating the Epoch 2 with BioTek’s range of robotics, including the BenchCel Microplate Handler, BioStack™ Microplate Stacker and BioSpa™ Automated Incubator.


全波長式的紫外 - 可見波長選擇範圍為200 - 999 nm

Epoch 2中的光學元件允許以1 nm的間隔選擇波長 - 無需購買濾鏡!全波長範圍可支援從核酸和蛋白質定量到微生物生長測定實驗等應用。


Epoch 2中的機上軟體可實現多種讀取模式,包括單波長和雙波長終點以及動態測量。光譜掃描為樣品提供方便、快速的光譜掃描。在Gen5軟體控制下,還可以進行孔域掃描,以及強大的數據分析。
Touch screen


可選配比色管模組進行快速簡便的1 cm樣品測量,使Epoch 2成為各種實驗室器具中檢測工作流程的最佳選擇。

4-Zone™溫度控制至65°C和Condensation Control™

生物燃料研究和食品安全等一些重要應用需要比一般更高的實驗溫度。 Epoch 2可以滿足這些測定要求。通過水氣凝集控制優化動力學測定,以防止由盤蓋上的水氣凝集干擾實驗。


Take3 超微量定量偵測盤擴展了Epoch 2的功能,可測量2μL樣品,用於直接DNA,RNA和蛋白質定量。無需額外儀器即可一次獲得多達48個樣品的快速結果。


通過方便的觸控螢幕操作常見的終點、動力學或微量實驗。顯示的數據可以輸出到印表機或USB隨身碟。 Epoch 2包含Gen5軟體,可進行額外的強大數據分析。


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