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Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation 1
Cytation™1自動化影像系統暨多功能光學檢測儀將螢光和高對比度明視野成像與傳統的多功能微量盤檢測相結合,無需與其他複雜的數位顯微鏡系統相關費用。獨特的專利設計,提供定量細胞資訊和定量數據。 Cytation 1的多模式檢測模組包含螢光和UV-Vis吸收光的全波長系統。標準配備含溫度控制和搖晃;可提供CO 2 / O 2控制器和分注器。 BioTek功能強大的Gen5軟件體使圖像拍攝和平板讀取變得容易。

Cytation 1是Agilent Technologies Seahorse XF成像和標準化系統 的關鍵  XFe分析儀同時測量兩種細胞能量產生途徑,線粒體和糖解作用。 Cytation 1的整合解決方案將細胞分析和影像結合,直覺的工作流程,簡化了XF數據處理。



With the ability to collect phenotypic and quantitative data in a single experiment, Cytation 1 is a powerful tool for imaging applications, and conventional multi-mode applications.

Rabbit spinal cord
HeLa cells treated with SmartFlare™ CY5-GAPDH Reagent at 20x

High contrast brightfield for label-free cell counting.
High contrast brightfield for label-free cell counting.

New AutoScratch Wound Making Tool automatically creates reproducible scratch wounds in 96- and 24-well microplates for cell migration assays.

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Cytation 1. Visit our Applications page to see more.