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product design

405 TS Washer

405 TS微量盤清洗儀是微量盤清洗的黃金標準。它採用獲得專利的Verify™技術,該技術可對歧管堵塞進行自動QC檢查並提供報告。專利的Ultrasonic Advantage™可自動徹底清潔抽吸和分配歧管。 405 TS是第一款可自行檢測,自行維護的微量盤清洗儀!細胞分析可輕鬆使用405 TS獨特的功能和模組,可用於溫和清洗、真空過濾和分離磁珠。


Microplate washing is far from routine when the 405 TS is used. Beyond standard dispense/aspirate protocols, the 405 TS automates liquid handling functions for many applications, including sensitive cell-based assays.
  • Bead washing
  • Cell washing /media exchange  

Cells washed with straight tips
Cell monolayers washed with conventional straight tips can be severely disrupted

Cells washed with angled tips
Cells after washing with 405 TS angled dispense tips.

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for 405 TS. Visit our Applications page to see more.