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product design

MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser

MultiFlo™FX是自動化多功能微量盤分注器,適用於6至1536孔微量盤。 MultiFlo FX在其模組化設計中融入了多項獨特技術,例如平行分注RAD™任選分注位置以及正在申請專利的AMX™「細胞培養液自動更換模組」,可加速2D和3D細胞培養到液體處理、濃度偵測、ELISA等。全配的MultiFlo FX最多可搭配五個液體處理器,節省空間、時間和儀器預算。 MultiFlo FX與BioSpa™8自動細胞培養箱和BioTek影像系統或多模功能微量盤偵測儀搭配,可為許多細胞成像和生化實驗提供完整的流程自動化方案。


This compact, versatile dispenser enables a wide variety of applications for benchtop and integrated automation workflows.

Plate map for drug addition
Import custom RAD plate maps for concentration normalization assays

The configurable MultiFlo FX
The configurable MultiFlo FX: 4 reagent dispensers, washer, media exchange and single channel dispenser

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for MultiFlo FX. Visit our Applications page to see more.