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Gen5 影像系統軟體特色

從整個生物體到高倍率的細胞影像, Gen5可以從原始數據處理成分析後的結果。 Gen5軟體搭配 BioTek的 Lionheart和 Cytation影像系統,從自動化拍攝﹑影像處理到分析和產生量化數據,一體搞定。影像工作流程變得簡單且直覺。

Highly visual workflow interface in Gen5
Highly visual workflow interface in Gen5 3.04


Gen5軟體可以搭配 BioTek的 Lionheart自動化活細胞影像系統和 Cytation自動化影像系統暨多功能光學檢測儀。從影像拍攝到影像處理、分析影像到產生量化數據,Gen5軟體提供簡單直覺得操作流程和介面。主要的應用可參考以下影片:


Autophagy Analysis Using Object Spot Counting
Autophagy Analysis Using Object Spot Counting

Cell proliferation label-free
Cell Proliferation - Label-free Confluence

Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Analysis Using Object Spot Counting
Calcium Kinetics

3D NK cells
3D Kinetic NK Cell Cytotoxicity Assay


BioTek的應用科學家 Field Applications Scientists (FAS) 和產品專員提供實驗及操作方面的支援,幫助實驗設計和軟體操作的結合。 了解FAS如何幫助您。




Fluo3 Video icon
Z-stack  Mini

Augmented Microscopy automates image capture for samples with powerful tools for endpoint and time lapse workflows. Fluorescence, brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast images are captured in slides, microplates, chamber slides, cell culture dishes for quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Images and data

Gen5’s image processing tools provide exceptional processing capability to facilitate the analysis of complex biologies, including 3D samples, large montaged samples and processes including live cell kinetics. From easy brightness/ contrast adjustments to deconvolution and automated movie file creation, image processing in Gen5 enables optimized visualization and analysis for many applications.


subpopulation without mask

Image analysis tools in Gen5 cover a very broad range of application requirements, and are both powerful and easy to use. Analysis functions in Gen5 extend to quantitative data as well. Cell count, confluence, signal translocation, subpopulation analysis and kinetic analysis are just some of the powerful data provided by Gen5’s image analysis tools.



Augmented Microscopy tools include the ability to create publication-ready images, graphs and data using the functions in Gen5 software. There is no need to export images or data to external software to create scatterplots, histograms, EC50 graphs and other data displays for publication.



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